Afandou Beach

Afandou Beach

Afandou BeachAfandou Beach Rhodes is a beach for everyone like families, couples and singles. You may see tents, tourists seeping their cold beer and a hot dog in hand. If you are looking for info about Afandou beach or Afandou beach hotels then keep on reading ...

The beach is large, about 3 km, sandy with some pebbles, located about 20 km from Rhodes Town. You have to know that the sea deepens abruptly. Its deep, clear sparkling waters are ideal for swimming and remain quite fresh even under the hot sun.
The sand is mixed with small pebbles and the water is amazing!

In certain areas of the beach you’ll find a few restaurants, water sports desks and fish Tavernas. It is located near the Rhodes Golf Club.

The beach is 18.5 km from Rhodes town.

afandou beach hotels

Afandou Beach Hotels

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