What to do In Amorgos

What to do In Amorgos

What to do In AmorgosWondering what to do in Amorgos? Read on ...

Endless blue, enchanting beaches and a unique natural beauty make up the image of Amorgos, an island winning every year fanatical fans.

Amorgos, with its rich cultural heritage and wild beauty, opens its arms every year and invites you to live unforgettable moments.

We suggest the ten things you should not miss on this picturesque island of the Cyclades.

  1. The Chora of Amorgos is for many the most beautiful of the Cyclades. Mansion, with rare architectural beauty, is built under the Byzantine castle and welcomes you with its whitewashed houses and narrow streets with flowering bougainvilleas. Due to the limited space that existed for the construction of the houses, the ingenuity of the inhabitants of Chora created through the simple but useful constructions the famous "skiada", ie covered passages, which create a pleasant feeling for the visitor. Wander through its alleys, enjoy a Cycladic breakfast in the traditional cafes, visit the Castle and the many churches of the settlement, and do not forget to see the beautiful windmills.
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  2. At the center of Chora you will find the Tower of Gavra , a 16th-century mansion, which today houses the Archaeological Museum of the island, with finds from the excavations in the three ancient cities found in Amorgos, Arkesini, Aegeal and Minoa. In Chora is also the historic gymnasium of Amorgos, the first founded after the Revolution of 1821.
    archeological museum of Amorgos
  3. The most important religious monument of Amorgos is the famous Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa. It is a whitewashed, climbing on steep rocks, 300 meters above sea level and visible only by the sea. It was built in the 11th century by Alexios Komnenos and the tradition says that the icon of the Virgin Mary reached the spot in a miraculous way from Hozov of Palestine.The view to and from the Monastery is magnificent and awe-inspiring. Celebrates on 21 November and in honor of Virgin Mary a big feast is organized.
    Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa Amorgos
  4. Aegiali is one of the two harbors of Amorgos and is surrounded by the beautiful villages of Lagada, Tholaria and Potamos. On the beautiful beach there are many choices for coffee and food and the area is quite popular with young people who swim it up to the bars in the morning. Near the Tholaria, on the Vigla Hill you will see the Aegialis Acropolis, while it is worth seeing the stone-built church of Agia Triada, where you will enjoy the unique view of the bay.
    Aegiali Amorgos

  5. Aigialis' striking awe is Katapola , the second port of the island. From here, there are many boats that will take you to magical beaches. Visit Panagia Katapoliani, an ancient Christian monument of Amorgos with Cycladic architecture and the ruins of Ancient Minoa in the mountain of Moundoulia.
    Katapola Amorgos
  6. In the area of ​​Kato Meria , you will be impressed by the scenery, which make up the well-cared locals of the locals with their pets. The tower of Agia Triada is the most important monument of the area, in the area of ​​Arkesini. A work of the 4th century is made of huge boulders and is obscured by the sea. On the hill Kastella is also the Acrylic Acropolis of Acrylic.
    Amorgos Kato Meria
  7. Amorgos is famous for its marked paths , which cover the whole island. Walk to them and enjoy the natural beauty of the island, discover cultural monuments and indulge in the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea.
    Amorgos marked paths
  8. Try the local traditional cuisine in the taverns of Amorgos. Xeropigas (fried pies with chicken and fennel), greed and potato (kid with potatoes in the oven) are just some of the specialties of the island.
    amorgos traditional cuisine
  9. The beaches of Amorgos are famous for their crystal clear waters, the small hiding places that make up the rocks and the vastness of the Aegean Sea. The most famous is Agia Anna, which was also the setting for the film "Extreme Blue". It has small pebbles, rocks and caves. At the beach of Mouro you will be impressed by the gigantic rocks that create a natural shade, but also those that emerge from the blue waters. Aigialis beach is the longest sandy beach on the island, while a few more are the Ormos of Kalotaritissa, small Vlychada and Ormos Liverou.
  10. Do not leave the island without tasting the famous baked raki. You will find it in all the ouzeries and traditional taverns of the island and it may also be the souvenir you will take with you.
    Amorgos baked raki

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