Best Beaches In Andros

Best Beaches In Andros

Welcome to our 2018 guide about the best beaches in Andros. The following are by our oppinion the best Andros island beaches (best sandy beaches in Andros and not only).

1. Andros Achla Beach

Best beaches in Andros


Andros Achla Beach is located on the northeastern coast of Andros and this is one of the most beautiful in Greece.

A magical landscape with small white pebbles and millions of shells that resemble fine grains of sand, breathtaking azure waters, and trees to surround the beach and the river that goes beside her. Although Andros is famous for the strong winds, the sea remains calm even with strong wind because of the gulf formed.


2. Andros Agios Petros Beach

Andros Agios Petros Beach


Andros Agios Petros Beach is located 3km North East of the main port town and approximately 30 km from Hora.

Agios Petros Beach (St. Peter's beach) is considered as one of the cosmopolitan beaches of Andros and is very popular both among young people and families with children.


3. Andros Batsi Beach

Andros Batsi Beach


Andros Batsi Beach is on the northwest coast of Andros in front of the settlement and part of the bay of Batsi. It is located 7 km from the port of Gavrio, and 32 km from the town.

Batsi beach Andros is a long beach with golden sand and crystal clear waters. Due to the form of the landscape the beach is protected from the wind and water is calm. So it is the perfect destination for families with children.


4. Andros Chrissi Ammos Beach

Andros Chrissi Ammos Beach


Andros Chrissi Ammos Beach (also known as Psili Ammos Beach and Golden Sand Beach) is located on the northwest coast of Andros in Kypri area just 30 kilometers from Hora. It is considered as the most cosmopolitan beach of Andros and is very popular especially among young people and families.


5. Andros Grias Pidima Beach – Old Woman’s Jump Beach

Andros Grias Pidima Beach – Old Woman’s Jump Beach


Andros Grias Pidima Beach or also known a Old Woman's Jump Beach is located in the north of Ormos and is approximately 38 kilometers from the port of Gavrio and 23 from the capital town. It means the place where the old lady jumped.

It is the most famous and photographed beach of Andros due to the oblong stone rock gushing from the waters.


6. Andros Zorkos Beach

Andros Zorkos Beach


Andros Zorkos Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Andros island. It is a large beach with golden sand, small pebbles and crystal blue water. The bay is frequently affected by the winds, especially in the afternoon.



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