Kastro Sifnos

Kastro Sifnos

Kastro SifnosKastro Sifnos is located in its eastern part of Sifnos island. Of the most picturesque and beautiful settlements of Sifnos, it is the most important one from an archaeological point of view.

Kastro Sifnos

Kastro has been inhabited in the passage of time since the 3rd millennium BC. The settlement owes its name to the "castle" formed by its buildings, it is in ellipsoidal form following the morphology of the ground and stands out for its defensive character. There are many sights of the places history the ancient acropolis at the top of the hill, the ancient columns embedded in newer buildings, the Roman sarcophagi, the lotuses (6 altogether gateways from which the entrance to Kastro is made) and the churches of the 16th - 17th c. In the center of the settlement is the Sifnos Archaeological Museum with exhibits from the prehistoric to the Roman period, while at its highest point the building that once housed the Catholic, Catholic church.

Where is Kastro located

To get to Kastro just follow the 3.5 km downhill road that starts from Apollonia.

Sifnos Kastro hotels

In Castro you will find some choices in rooms and taverns as well as cafes and bars. The best website to book a hotel or a villa in Kastro Sifnos ist hotelscombined.com as it combines all available online booking platforms.

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