Sports in Lefkada

Sports in Lefkada

Sports In Lefkada


The island of Lefkada is ideal for kitesurfing. The beach Aghios Yannis, a few kilometers from the city, has a thermal wind that blows around 4-5 knots in the morning, to strengthen in the afternoon, especially in the hottest period, reaching 25 knots, with a constant wind. The long beach, the deep turquoise sea that immediately becomes a couple of meters deep, makes it the ideal place for lovers of this sport. Suitable for both experts and for those who want to learn thanks to the kite schools that rise behind the mills.

Every year the European Wind Surf Freestyle Championship is organized (June) and the International Open Kitesurf FreeStyle and Hang Time (July).




The island of Lefkada is the ideal place for windsurfing. In recent years, the island has become a destination for surfers who come from all over Europe to practice this beautiful sport. Vassilikì beach ranks among the ten best in the world and among the three best in Europe.

The bay of Vassiliki, located in the south of the island, offers a sea suitable for both beginners and the more experienced. In the morning a constant light wind blows, ideal for those who want to learn this sport. During the afternoon the wind strengthens as it passes through the backwaters of the mountains and the Vassiliki bay becomes the ideal place to have fun in the waves of the Ionian Sea. In the country, there are several windsurfing schools, which in addition to the equipment provide valid instructors.



Trekking & Mountainbike

The island of Lefkada is a destination for hikers and mountain bike and trekking enthusiasts who come to Lefkada from all over Europe, to combine an enchanting sea with the possibility of beautiful walks or bike rides in the midst of green unspoiled nature.

Visiting Lefkada on a mountain bike or foot, you will move away from the quiet and touristy atmosphere that pervades the island, discovering places dominated by wild olive trees, cypresses, and arid landscapes that alternate with dense oak forests.

that leads to the fishing port.


mountain bike


The slope parachute (paraglider) got its name from the French words parachute (parachute) and pent (slope).

You take off from a slope and take advantage of the air currents to extend the flight.

For those who want to live this experience, the paragliding school is located in Kathisma and the flying lessons are carried out with a double parachute together with an experienced operator. After an unforgettable flight, you can make a spectacular landing on Kathisma beach, one of the most beautiful on the island. The view is breathtaking with the turquoise sea and the Mediterranean scrub. It starts from the hill and goes down to the beach. Between March and November, the climatic conditions and winds are particularly favorable.




In Nidri, there is an organized center for water sports. It is possible to learn water skiing by choosing from barefoot, monoski, double ski, wakeboard, kneeboard. There are courses for beginners.

Other attractions available:

parasailing, flying high with the parachute behind the boat: the view is amazing !!

jet skis, for exciting tours of the islands in front of Nidrì;

banana, on which group rides can be made;

fly fish, extreme sport, where a large mattress pulled by a motorboat takes flight.

To the south of the island, there is the bay of Vassilikì which, in addition to being a surfer's paradise, also has a side sheltered from the wind, with ideal conditions for water skiing and kite surfing. In this part of the bay, there is a water sports school.

The many beaches of the island, thanks to their crystal clear sea, are an excellent starting point for snorkeling. For those who are not satisfied with staying on the surface, diving centers are available for diving in total safety both in Nidri and in Vassiliki.