What To Eat In Fefkada

What To Eat In Fefkada



Greek cuisine is based on the elements of the Mediterranean diet and is certainly close to the Italian one. Also in Greece, we find dishes based on olive oil and with the use of spices such as mint, rosemary, oregano, thyme, and cinnamon that season dishes of all kinds.

It is a centuries-old cuisine and with its 25 centuries, it excels both in tradition and in quality.

Anywhere, as a quick and inexpensive meal, you can enjoy souvlaki, a skewer of pork or chicken, cooked on coals, which is certainly the most famous food, and is certainly unique! Equally the "gyros me pita". It is pork or chicken, accompanied by a choice of tomatoes, fried potatoes, onions, tzatziki (cucumber, garlic, and yogurt sauce) in the middle of a flatbread called "pita".

Among the various Greek specialties that are worth tasting you will find the sauces used as an appetizer:

tzatziki, yogurt sauce, cucumber, garlic, and olive oil;

melitzanosalata, aubergine sauce, which you will find with variations from one restaurant to another, however tasty;

taramosalata, fish roe sauce with potatoes and mayonnaise or yogurt.

In Greece, there is no first and second course, but the main course which can be pasta, meat, or fish; generally, the portions are abundant and already with the side dish, mainly fried potatoes.


To taste the Greek cuisine:

- moussaka, potato flan, aubergines, meat sauce and béchamel, placed in layers;

- pastiso, very similar to our baked pasta.

- Pork (kirino), lamb (arnì), and chicken (kotopulo) are particularly tasty.

In the psistaria, taverns specializing in grilled meat, you can enjoy in addition to steaks and fillets:

kotosuvli, selected parts of pork cooked on a spit;

don't miss the kokoretsi and the splinadero, lamb entrails cooked slowly on the spit, or the frigadelli, lamb liver always cooked on the spit.

In the fish restaurants (psarotaverne), you can enjoy freshly grilled and fried fish.

Excellent charcoal octopus (ktapodi), fried squid (kalamarakia) and anchovies (gavros).

The meals of the Greeks are always accompanied by a koriatiki (Greek salad) made of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, olives, and feta, the famous Greek cheese, dressed with abundant oil and oregano.

fillipas tavern

Restaurants and Taverns

The opportunity to eat well and at reasonable prices is not uncommon in Lefkada.

Leaving the tourist towns, each village has its tavern, usually family-run, with tasty local products.

Do not miss the Filippas tavern, in Fterno. Butcher's shop during the day, rotisserie in the evening. Meat, cheeses, wine, and oil of own production, in a friendly and quiet atmosphere and at affordable prices. To taste the entrails, the kokoretsi, the splinadero, and the liver, cooked on a spit. The village of Fterno is located on the road from Nidri to Vassiliki, about 2 kilometers inland from the main road.


Always to taste excellent meat in a typical village setting, try the Tassos taverna in Poros. Going towards Mikros Gialos beach, at the intersection leading to the bay, continue straight towards the town. Arrived at the square under the church, park and follow the road on the right that leads to the center of the village. In the square, you can enjoy an aperitif at the Cafenion, in an atmosphere that has stopped in time. After the square, take the first street on the right and you will arrive at the tavern.


For fish, try the Zolithros tavern, in the bay of Mikros Gialos, located in a pleasant seafront setting. Every day fresh fish that you can enjoy fried and charcoal. Don't miss the grilled octopus and fried baby squid. The owner Vangelis, besides being a great host, speaks perfect Italian. Arrived at the bay of Mikros Gialos, take the road that leads to the fishing port.