How to get from Athens to Rhodes

How to get from Athens to Rhodes

How to get from Athens to Rhodes

If you are looking on how to get from Athens to Rhodes island in Greece…look no further!

So…I am pretty sure you are lost and don’t know how to get from Athens to Rhodes island in Greece, right?

To make it easy for you I have written this guide to help you out.


  • You have 2 options to get from Athens to Rhodes: By Ferry or By Plane
  • Best Way To get From Athens to Rhodes: By Plane (about 1 hour)
  • Good to Know for tickets to Rhodes: Rhodes sometimes is also called Rhodos (in greek “Ρόδος”)
  • Best Website to check ferry prices and Timetables: Let’s Ferry
  • Athens to Rhodes Ferry : The journey can be long, from 12 to 18 hours. This is because the ferries stop to a number of islands before arriving in Rhodes.
  • Best Way to go from Athens Airport to Athens main port (Piraeus) to take any ferry is by taking the Athens Airport Bus X96 (X96 Bus Route – X96 Bus runs every 20-30 mins) – X96 Bus ticket costs 6 euros (adult) and 3 euros (kids) or buy an ATH.ENA Card
  • Direct Flights from Athens to Rhodes: about 1 hour on the air
  • Rhodes Airport (airport - code: RHO)
  • Cheapest flights from Athens to Rhodes: book plane let’s get started with all the travel options from Athens to Rhodes.

You really have 2 options to go from Athens to Rhodes:

But which one is really the Best Option?

My suggestion: go to Rhodes by plane.

Why: because it’s generally much faster and simpler than taking the ferry to Rhodes

However, you can also take the ferry which can be a very interesting alternative option for several reasons (see below Option 2).

OPTION 1: From Athens to Rhodes by Plane ( offers all the options)

That’s obviously the quickest and most expensive option.

It takes about 1 hour by plane  to be at Rhode’s small airport and it definitely worths it in our opinion.

rhodes airport

athens to rhodes by plane

Rhodes Airport official website is:

rhodes airport
Rhodes airport

The best and cheapest website to book or search for flights from Athens to Rhodes is:

Athens Airport Code is : ATH  (Athens)

Rhodes Airport Code is : RHO (Rhodes)

There are many flights per day , especially during the high season (Apr-Oct).

The exact times of the flights change and they are not the same throughout the year so make sure you get the right times from as it will give you all the available flights immediately.

If you book your tickets well in advance (3-6 months) you could probably find some very good deals with return tickets.

Rhodes is an extremely popular destination and probably the most popular in Greece, so everything has to be booked well in advance.

So…let’s see the pros and cons of getting to Rhodes (from Athens) by plane:

Pros (of going from Athens to Rhodes by Plane):

  • So much faster than the ferry (about 1 hour on the air)…you can literally save a whole day and spend it in Rhodes instead
  • If you have just landed at the Athens airport you can just wait there till your connection flight to Rhodes departs
  • If you book pretty early then you might even get better price than with the ferry

Cons (of going from Athens to Rhodes by Plane):

  • the flight times to Rhodes may not be convenient and you might have to spend some boring hours at the Athens airport

Direct flights to Rhodes (from other European cities):

Yes there are direct flights from European cities to Rhodes in 2018. You can check schedules and prices on

Bottom line:

If you plan it properly and you book your flight tickets to Rhodes well in advance, then that’s the best option. However, getting the ferry can also be a very good and interesting option (see below).

OPTION 2: From Athens to Rhodes by ferry

Going to Rhodes by ferry is the second option you have and it can be a very nice experience.

But before taking the ferry, you have to go to the Athens ferry port which is called Piraeus.

How do you go from Athens Airport to the Athens Ferry Port (called Piraeus or Pireus) ?

Athens Airport to the Athens Ferry Port Option 1 : bus X96

The easiest and cheapest option is by taking the bus X96 that stops just outside of the Athens airport:

x96 bus athens airport

It takes between 50 mins to 80 mins (depending on the traffic) to go to the Athens ferry port (Piraeus) and the X96 bus route to Piraeus ferry port is the following:

Ferries to Rhodes depart from Port Gate Ε1, so you have to stop at the bus station : STATION ISAP (which is also a metro station).

Or in greek : ΣΤΑΘΜΟΣ ΗΣΑΠ

In case you feel lost you can just ask the bus driver (they always speak english)

But in reality you will find some brand new GPS screens showing you where you actually are:

x96 bus athens airport inside

The X96 bus runs 24/7 and there is a bus every 30 mins roughly (however do not expect it to be always on time).

x96 bus athens airport timetables

Click here to see all the stops of X96 Bus (from Athens Airport to Piraeus Ferry port to Rhodes) and the timetables

For the X96 bus, you have to buy tickets from a kiosk which is just outside of the bus stop (and also just outside of the airport, just follow the “Bus” signs in the airport).

This is actually how get to those bus ticket kiosks outside of the airport:

The bus ticket is a small piece of paper that you have to put in the orange slots which are inside the bus (you will hear a “click” noise once you put the ticket in…which is basically the printing/stamping of the date and time).

For adults the ticket costs 6 euros and for kids (under 6) it costs 3 euros:

X96 bus ticket
Validate your tickets once inside the X96 bus…the date and time will be printed on it and you can actually use the ticket for 70 mins


There is also a mobile application with which you can buy your bus tickets developed by Transport for Athens

tfa itunes

tfa play

Click here to download the Bus Tickets for Athens App for Android

Click here to download the Bus Tickets for Athens App for iOS

(you really don’t have to worry at all about the bus tickets if you do that…and you can pay by any card!)

The X96 bus is pretty fast and it costs only 6 euros!

Sometimes the Athens Airport Buses say: “AEROLIMENAS-PEIRAIAS”

Don’t get confused. This is a greek-lish version of saying: “Airport – Pireaus” so it’s the same really…

Athens Airport to the Athens Ferry Port Option 2 : taxi

Baggage cost you extra, there’s a surcharge for the airport and the journey takes at least 1 hour (30 km between the airport and the port) so the taxi fare can add up to a quite high amount. The taxi fare ads up to about €50, depending on the traffic. You also have to be careful to avoid the scams (you really don’t want to pay 10 times more than the regular fare).

Athens Airport to the Athens Ferry Port Option 3 : Metro (train)

Line 3 started operating in 2004 and links the airport to Monastiraki where you switch to Line 1, taking you to Piraeus. The journey time between the airport and the port is about 75 min. The metro fare for the entire length of the trip ads up to €6.

How do you go from Athens airport to Central Athens ?

First of all you have to go from the Athens Airport to Syntagma Square (the most central point in Athens) either by taking the metro from the airport (it’s actually overground for some stations and then it goes underground) or the bus X95 which will take you to Syntagma Square within 30-40 mins.

This is Bus X95’s route (from Athens airport to Syntagma square – central Athens):

You can take the X95 Bus just outside from the airport.

If you want, you can also take the metro (blue line or line 3 to Aghia Marina):

Athens Metro map

Where can I check the Athens metro last trains and schedules?

Click here to check the timetables for Athens metro and see if you can catch the last one if your flight arrives too late!

How do you go from Central Athens to Piraeus ferry port ?

The easiest way is by taking the metro green line (or Line 1).

It takes about 30 mins from Monastiraki Square or Omonoia Square at central Athens to the metro station at Piraeus ferry port.

What are the available ferries from Athens to Rhodes

There are 3 ferry options from Athens to Rhodes :

How long does it take to get from Athens to Rhodes?

The journey can be long, from 12 to 18 hours. This is because the ferries stop to a number of islands before arriving in Rhodes.
Usually the departure is in the afternoon (6-7 p.m.), so during most of the travel you will have the time to sleep.

Is there a high speed ferry between Athens and Rhodes?

No, there isn’t but the fastest ferry between Athens and Rhodes takes about 12 hours and departs at 7 p.m (almost daily during the high season and three times a week during the low season)

How much does it cost to get from Athens to Rhodes by ferry?

The prices depend on the class you opt for and the company which operates the ferry.

How many ferries per day depart from Athens to Rhodes during the low season?

The following ferries to be available during the 2017 and probably the 2018 low season (March – May, September – October) between Athens and Rhodes:

  • Mon 7 pm, till 20 Apr, 24 Apr – 29 May
  • Tue 3 pm, till 21 Mar, 28 Mar – 20 Jun, 12 Sept – 24 Oct, 31 Oct (not officially approved yet )
  • Tue 8:30 pm, 14 Mar – 4 Apr, 20 Apr – 22 Jun
  • Wed 7 pm, till 22 Mar, 29 Mar – 25 Oct
  • Thu 3 pm, till 6 Apr, 20 Apr – 22 Jun, 7 Sept – 26 Oct
  • Sat 5 pm, till 8 Apr, 22 Apr – 17 Jun, 9 Sept – 28 Oct
  • Thu 5 pm, 13 Apr
  • Fri 6 pm, till 7 Apr, 21 Apr – 9 Jun
  • Tue 6 pm, 28 Mar – 6 Jun, 5 Sept – 31 Oct
  • Sun 6 pm, 2 Apr – 11 Jun, 10 Sept, 17 Sept – 29 Oct
  • Thu 6 pm, 30 Mar – 22 Jun, 7 Sept – 26 Oct
  • Fri 7 pm, 31 Mar – 23 Jun, 1 Sept, 8 Sept – 27 Oct
  • Mon 7 pm, 11 Sept – 30 Oct

How many ferries per day depart from Athens to Rhodes during the high season?

The following ferries to be available during the 2017 and probably the 2018 high season (June – August) between Athens and Rhodes:

  • Thu 3 pm, 20 Apr – 22 Jun
  • Tue 3 pm, 28 Mar – 20 Jun
  • Sat 5 pm, 22 Apr – 17 Jun
  • Tue 6 pm, 28 Mar – 6 Jun, 13 Jun – 20 Jun
  • Thu 6 pm, 30 Mar – 22 Jun
  • Fri 6 pm, 21 Apr – 9 Jun
  • Sun 6 pm, 2 Apr – 11 Jun, 18 Jun
  • Mon 7 pm, 3 Jul – 4 Sept
  • Wed 7 pm, 29 Mar – 25 Oct
  • Fri 7 pm, 30 Jun – 25 Aug
  • Sun 9:30 pm, 25 Jun – 3 Sept
  • Tue 9:30 pm, 27 Jun – 29 Aug
  • Thu 9:30 pm, 29 Jun – 31 Aug
  • Sun 11:55 pm, 1 Jul – 2 Sept


Are there any overnight journeys between Athens and Rhodes?

Yes, there are two overnight ferries.

Accommodation On Board Ship from Athens to Rhodes

Deluxe cabins are a treat (spacious, well furnished with TV and refrigerator).

First class cabins are a notch down in decor and space, but still provide a good compact hotel-room-on-the-water.

There are outside cabins with windows (much to be preferred) or inside cabins (cheaper). Available with 2, 3 or 4 beds. Travelling alone, you can pay about 50% extra to have the cabin to yourself. All cabins have a shower and toilet.

Large or heavy pieces of luggage can be stored in a luggage room on the car deck - ask as you board (it's a good idea, avoiding carrying all your luggage to the cabin). Even though porters take you and luggage to your cabin, you do have to haul it - often up steps, escalator if you are lucky - to the equivalent of the second or third floor of a building, before you reach the reception.

If you choose a more economical fare you can buy a simple ticket and sleep wherever you find it most comfortable - or talk and play cards, watch TV with fellow travellers. Viewing passing ships from the decks or the occasional distant lights from an island, is another pastime. There are pullman style seats available. A simple ticket allows you to use and enjoy most of the ship (sometimes a bar area or two are reserved for first and deluxe class passengers) - there is no such thing however, as "deck class", so you do not have to spend the night out on deck!

Food on the ships is satisfactory. There are both self service and full service restaurants.

Where can you book ferry tickets from Athens to Rhodes?

Booking in advance a Ferry ticket to Rhodes is always good, especially during high season as ferries might become full (that’s the case in July and August).

It’s not that you won’t find a ticket but it is more of securing a good seat or a cabin or a vehicle spot (if you have a car).

But…you can always book them online (just to be sure) on the Let’s Ferry website (even if you don’t book it there you can always check the timetables of the ferries on the dates you want to travel).

Another option is to have your travel agent book them for you, but they will need to contact a Greek travel agency. So an easier option is to contact a reliable Greek travel agency yourself and book your tickets via them.

If you have some time available between your arrival in Athens and the time you planned to take the ferry to Rhodes, you can buy the tickets directly in the port of Piraeus, at Port Gate Ε1. Unless you are traveling during the peak season or national holiday weekends, you shouldn’t worry about booking in advance, especially if you plan to use a deck seat.

BE CAREFUL THOUGH: According to the law the tickets have to be printed out only by certified travel agencies or the Ferry companies , so even if you book it online you have to visit a travel agent or the kiosk at the ferry port to take the print outs anyways (not a big deal..everyone is doing that anyways).

However, the last years people tend to buy ferry tickets online for Rhodes.

You can always do that from Let’s ferry website or but as I said previously you always have to take the ticket printout from a travel agent in Greece or the kiosk which is usually outside of the ferry that you are boarding on.

Important note:

Sometimes the ferry schedules available online are not very accurate. It’s not the websites’ fault at all as the ferry companies submit their schedule to the Ministry of Merchant Marine weekly. Hence the ferry schedule might change from week to week. Your best bet is to check this link the day before departure (or the day of before) just to make sure things haven’t changed.

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