Kaminaki Beach Corfu

Kaminaki Beach Corfu

Kaminaki Beach Corfu

Discover Kaminaki Beach in Corfu, a quaint pebble-strewn shoreline nestled alongside Nissaki Beach in the northeastern region of Corfu. The beach boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters that attain a delightful warmth throughout the summer season. Despite the tranquility of the waters, the seabed of Kaminaki reveals sizable rocks harboring concealed sea urchins.

This beach is semi-organized, featuring a few umbrellas and sunbeds while preserving the natural beauty of most of its expanse. Perched atop Kaminaki Beach are two charming seaside taverns, and the vicinity offers numerous accommodation options. Additionally, a diminutive stone-built pier graces one side of Kaminaki Beach, providing opportunities for boat rentals and a plethora of thrilling watersport activities.

Kaminaki Beach Corfu – Where is located

Situated within the Nissaki & Krouzeri beach cluster, Kaminaki Beach can be conveniently reached via the primary northern Corfu highway, specifically through the Nissaki Beach Hotel complex. The descent from the main road to the beach covers approximately 1 km, unveiling a charming bay where various beaches are connected by a cliff track. This pathway meanders between them, providing access to the distinct shores.

For those with mobility challenges, there are commendable access points available from the Nissaki Beach Hotel complex. Interestingly, even individuals not staying at the hotel tend to gladly utilize these facilities.

Kaminaki Beach Corfu - Rest Info

Parking Options: Secure a spot in the hotel car park or opt for roadside parking.

Dining Establishments: Enjoy a variety of tavernas, beach bars, and the offerings within the hotel complex.

Beach Characteristics: Delight in the journey over small white pebbles leading to an appealing seascape.

Comfort Amenities: Sunbeds and umbrellas are available, and showers can be found at the hotel complex, along with restroom facilities.

Child-Friendly Environment: Generally safe for children, though the exposed channel may experience occasional winds stirring up the sea. Watersports enthusiasts will find ample opportunities, including a diving school near the hotel complex.

Primary Visitors: Mainly tourists, with meticulous care given to the maintenance of the area. No mooring for boats is available.

Proximity to Harbor: While these beaches attract frequent visits from excursion boats, they do so without causing disturbance, and the sea remains clean.

Infrastructure and Natural Features: Storm drains are present at the Nissaki Beach complex. Olive trees along the path between the beaches offer limited natural shade.

Additional Services: The Nissaki Beach Hotel serves as a significant accommodation and entertainment hub, providing room rentals and nearby villa options.

Distance to Major Resorts: Corfu Town is approximately 25 km away. Public transport options include buses along the main road, and walking may be necessary. Alternatively, taxi services or independent transport can be arranged.

Recognition: The beach holds a Blue Flag designation.

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