Gouves Crete

Gouves Crete

gouves crete Gouves Crete is located 18 km east of Heraklion, next to Gournes.

Gouves is a large area, which covers several smaller villages, including the popular resort area of Kato Gouves (lower Gouves) and the traditional village of Pano Gouves (upper Gouves), which is built into the side of small Mt. Ederi, only a little more than 300 meters high, bith spectacular views.

The name Gouves is derived from "gouva," which means a hollow in the earth.

Usually when people talk about the village Gouves they mean the village at the bottom by the sea - so Kato Gouves. Kato Gouves is mainly created for tourists. The village is accessible via the Old National Road that runs between Heraklion and Chersonissos. You can also take the New National Road and take the exit to Gouves (indicated with a sign). The last few miles to the village you will drive on the old route.


Kato Gouves

Kato Gouves is large beach resort with various hotels and apartments. The restaurants and bars are all centered around the main road of Gouves, which does not appear very Greek. This is a typical tourist resort.

Ano Gouves

Ano Gouves is a beautiful little village situated above Kato Gouves. Ano Gouves means “Higher Gouves” and Kato Gouves translates to “Lower Gouves”. This charming village  is really worth visiting, with a beautiful church surrounded by small Greek taverns that are open year-round. In Ano Gouves you will still find the traditional look and feel of Greece.

How to get to Gouves Crete

To get to Gouves from Heraklion, drive east along the National Road to Agios Nikolaos. About 15 kilometres outside Heraklion you will see the exit to Gouves. Turn off the National Road onto the old National Road to Hersonissos. About 1 kilometre further on, you will see the sign to seaside Gouves (Kato Gouves) on your left, and the sign to the village of Pano Gouves on your right.

Where is Gouves Crete located?

Gouves Beaches

Along the considerable stretch of seashore in Gouves, there are many excellent beaches to satisfy every preference. Some of the rocky areas offer privacy, while the larger, sandy beaches feature all the swimming amenities, from beach chairs and umbrellas to smooth seas, thanks to wave-breakers.

The beach in front of the Marina Hotel covers a very large area and is very popular, while the Astir beach is considered one of the best in the area.

The beaches near the centre of Gouves are popular and every inch of sand is covered by umbrellas. The beaches have seating and umbrellas for 5 Euro per day. For better prices, go to the municipal beach to the east, where they drop to €4.

Heading west, the coast becomes rocky or pebbly up to the little church. Past that, there are some wonderful little sandy beaches.

All the beaches are generally very crowded, unless you get up early and go to the beach before 10 am, when you will be pretty much alone. Most of the photos of Gouves were taken around 8 am, which is why there are no people.

You should also remember that the beaches in Gouves face north, so the summer northwesterlies make the sea rough. If you want to swim in calm water, go to the little beach in the harbour west of the marina.

Places Τo visit Ιn Gouves

You can find water sports facilities, such as water skiing, canoeing, parachuting, etc. and a diving center. You can also visit the small littoral church of Agios Konstantinos and Agia Eleni located in the spinney with the pines. One of your first choices to visit must be the mountain Ederi. In addition to the outstanding view, you will also see the big “ears” of the radars that are abandoned for many years now. That’s why the locals call it “the Mountain of Mickey Mouse”.

The old villages Pano Gouves with its small chapels, the traditional cafes and taverns, and the renovated traditional buildings, as well as Skotino village with the popular cave in are places that you should visit during your stay in Gouves Heraklion.

Gouves Crete – Where To Stay

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The Nightlife In Gouves Greece

The nightlife in Gouves is one of the best on the island, as there are several bars and clubs to choose from when you are your guests are ready to have a memorable night. If you are on a mission to have a great night with great people, great drinks and great music, here are the bars that you need to check out while you are in Gouves.

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