Andros Greece

Andros Greece

Andros Greece History

androsIt is believed that the first inhabitants of Andros Greece were the Phoenicians. According to some historians, the capital was the Phoenician town of Arados which later became Andros. Then came the Cretans whose leader was General Andros.
Greek schools started in the 18th century due to an attempt by the Ottoman regime to be more liberal. In the past 20 years, along with the shipping business and the rudimentary farming business was achieved the development of the tourist industry with all its positive and negative aspects and which has peaked in the last ten years.


Most ancient ceramic artefacts gathered in the area date back to the Mycenaean Era, while evidence from the Geometrical Era have also been preserved. Important excavations like the Daughter of Copenhagen, a Kouros and the group of Pigassos and Velerefontis, which date back to 6th century B.C., show that the town started to be in its big prime during the Archaic Times.
Known beaches: Agia Aikaterini, Achla, Kalamonari, Vitali, Bouro, Ai Gianni, Pidima tis Grias, Paraporti, Giala, Piso Giala, Nimporio, Batsi, Korthios (where you can windsurf).


Hotels are filling the whole island, especially in the beach resorts. Most of the hotel are built according to the traditional architecture of the island which is protected by the locals. Check out Hotels and book