Things to do in Sifnos

Things to do in Sifnos

Sifnos is the island that comes in mind when wondering if there is an island that combines everything. Organized beaches, deserted beaches and also for families. Cycladic beauty, but also nature. Quiet fishing villages and nightlife. Landmarks for sightseeing but also the necessary couleur locale, with super regional cuisine, festivals and traditional products. There are numerous things to do in Sifnos. So here are the best of Sinfos, Sifnos sightseeing, Sifnos pottery, Sifnos hotels - a complete travel guide for Sifnos 2018:

Sifnos Villages

There are fourteen (14) villages in Sifnos, however the following stand out:

Things to do in Sifnos
Apollonia , the island's original Cycladic countryside, built amphitheatrically in the hills that stand in the heart of Sifnos, with whitewashed houses, blue doors and, of course, the lion's share of bars and nightlife.

Kastro Sifnos
Kastro, the old capital of the island, a Venetian castle that is now an open museum on the hill, and is suitable for endless walks on the labyrinthine cobbled streets, enchanting sunsets and sea views from the back of the island.

Artemonas Sifnos
Artemonas, a gem of the island, a breath away from Apollonia, with panoramic views of the castle and surrounding islands, as well as paved alleys full of mansions and blooming gardens.

Sifnos pottery
Kamares, the settlement of the port of Sifnos, which has a golden sand and a chapel for sunsets - it is enough to climb the hundred steps to reach the church of Agia Marina perched on the rocks.

Sifnos Greece

Diving in Sifnos

If you want organized dives, you will go to the name and thing Platis Yialos. If you are looking for a family atmosphere, choose Vathi with the fish breeze. Equally scenic and the beach of Heronissos, in the northernmost and most sheltered from the winds of the island - fine sand, salty and gentle organization. Golden sand, shade, (again) a gentle organization and wonderful views of the Chrysopigi Rock will be found on the beach of Faros and the nearby Glyphos.

Sifnos cuisine

It's hard to leave the island without falling in love with local recipes and without taking a few pounds because of them. Particularly delicious, the Sifnian cuisine focuses on baking food in special clay utensils in the wood oven. Do not leave without tasting mastelo (goat or lamb with wine and dill in vine leaves), chowder, cooked for tens of hours in a shelter, recipe with bacon, salad, local cheeses and sun-dried red wine. Note that in Artemonas, each August is set up a street party and every September the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival "Nikolaos Tselementes", in honor of the famous cook who came from the island: Dozens of kiosks from different islands present their goodies at the most delicious feast with terse appetizers you've ever seen. Feasts and traditional Sifnian festivals are often set up in the summer - in July at Prophet Elias and in Heronissos, August in Tozo Nero, Faro and Kamares, September in Vathi, Agios Sostis, Exambela, Choni and Saladi.

Sifnos pottery

Ceramic and silversmith workshops abound on the island, which had a wealth of minerals - even there are mines in various corners of the island. The trademark of the island is the ... flutes, the traditional 'pierced' ceramic pots, which also function as lanterns and illuminate the alleys in the air every night. Traces of old pottery can still be found in seaside settlements such as Pharos, Kamares and Vathi.

Sifnos sightseeing

Sifnos sightseeing

There are few reasons for archaeological and museum explorations for friends of traditional sightseeing. You can visit:

  • the Museum of Folklore and Folk Art of Sifnos in Apollonia, for taste of the local customs and the old Cycladic everyday life
  • the Archaeological Museum of the Castle , with findings from Archaic and Hellenistic times
  • the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art at the monastery of Vrissi in Exambela
  • the archaeological site of Agios Andreas with the Mycenaean Acropolis rising on the road to Vathy
  • the 76 ancient towers scattered all over the island, built between the 6th and 3rd century BC, a network through which the ancients communicated with smoke signals.

(Museum of Byzantine Art hosted at the Monastery of Panagia Vrissi and the ancient tower of the 6th century BC Archaeological Museum)

Best of trails and nature

Maybe a large part of the island responds to the classic dry and barren profile of the Cyclades, but Sifnos is not everywhere like this: Thousands of acres of cedar, wild and aromatic plants protected by the Natura network are spread out on the island between small springs and running water. Besides, Sifnos is the joy of the walker, with almost 100 kilometers of hiking routes for all tastes, beginners and more sporty types. 

Sifnos Hotels

Sifnos taverns

You will enjoy traditional fish meals at the Heronissos fish tavern in the homonymous village, an excellent recipe at the Sunset in Troullaki, Mediterranean cuisine and modern decoration in Drimoni, Apollonia or traditionally cooked in Sifnos, also in Apollonia. Local dishes, roasted cock and carrots in Apostolou Koutouki in the capital, and beer pots in the courtyard of Vroulidia on the way to Cheronissos. Calculate about 15-20 € per person for each option.

Artemonas Sifnos

Sifnos Hotels

Cheaper are the rooms in seaside resorts such as Kamares and Platys Gialos, and slightly more expensive and more difficult to Apollonia. Nevertheless, even in the high season you will find good accommodation options in the range between 40-60 € for the double. There are many options available to travelers whether you are a solo traveler, couple, or family. With you can choose the right accommodation for you, find the best deals, avoid being scammed.

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