Andros Grias Pidima Beach – Old Woman’s Jump Beach

Andros Grias Pidima Beach - Old Woman's Jump Beach

Andros Grias Pidima BeachAndros Grias Pidima Beach or also known a Old Woman's Jump Beach is located in the north of Ormos and is approximately 38 kilometers from the port of Gavrio and 23 from the capital town. It means the place where the old lady jumped.

It is the most famous and photographed beach of Andros due to the oblong stone rock gushing from the waters.

The beach is not very wide, is covered with fine golden sand and small pebbles, is amazingly turquoise crystal clear shallow waters and rocks at the back of the beach natural shade. The beach is not organized, it has neither deckchairs or beach bar.

You can access the beach by boat from Korthi, or by car from Korthi bay. Just follow the signs to the beach. The last kilometer is dirt and then you have to walk about 300 meters.

Why it was named Grias Pidima?

It is believed that during Turk domination the Castle of Kohilos was given to the enemy by an old lady that asked shelter from its inhabitants, but when she entered the castle, she opened the doors deliberately and the Turks dominated it. The old lady was so shameful that she jumped from the cliff and it is believed that she has been petrified ever since.