Ios Mylopotas Beach

Ios Mylopotas Beach

Ios Mylopotas BeachIos Mylopotas Beach is located 3 km from Ios Chora. It is the most popular and busy beach in Ios and also one of the most popular Cyclades.

Mylopotas beach is known for its long sandy beach with lenght almost to 1 km and fantastic tourist facilities. It is surrounded on two edges of the rocks which are also its limits.  The beach is extremely organized with beach umbrellas, deckchairs and also lots of water sports facilities like jet-skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, canoeing, etc.


Where is Mylopotas beach located

How to get to Ios Mylopotas Beach

You can get to the beach by car from Ios Chora, or by bus (frequent routes (every 20 minutes) staring from Chora). Also fans of hiking will take about 15 minutes by selecting the path from the center of town.

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