Artemonas Sifnos

Artemonas Sifnos

Artemonas SifnosArtemonas Sifnos is located 1.5 km from Apollonia and is built amphitheatrically. The village of Kamares consists of white Cycladic houses and terrific buildings that are worth visiting. If you are wondering about Artemonas Sifnos rooms or hotels don't worry, you will find in a variety of prices.

Artemonas Sifnos

According to history Artemonas owes its name to the goddess Artemis, who was worshiped by the inhabitants of the island. Artemonas characteristics are the traditionally built streets, the dazzlingly white alleys, the colorful courtyards and the neoclassical houses of Cycladic architecture. The visitor of Artemonas besides from the classic mansions, must also visit the house where the poet Ioannis Gryparis was born and also churces like Panagia of Ammos and Panagia of Balis. Every summer in Artemonas there is the Exhibition of Folklore Items “Giannis Atsonios”, under the title “Our houses in the old days”, while the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival “Nikolaos Tselementes” takes place at the central square every September.

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Artemonas Sifnos rooms

Artemonas Sifnos Rooms

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