Milos Beaches

If the island of Milos is charming due to its rare morphology of terrain, the variety of colors renders a Milos beach beautiful. The Milos beaches come in various sizes, shapes and impressive colors - black, white with sand, shells and pebbles. The water lends its and toward beautification by being crystal clear with a green, emerald, deep blue or pale blue colors.

Most small milos beach sites have been created by constant pounding of water on the rocks. They are accessible by paved roads. Some beaches are accessible only from the sea. Many beaches are worth viewing from the sea because of their eternal timeless beauty which cannot be judged from being there.

Below is a list of Milos beaches which are a must see:

North :

Firopotamos: Fisherman bay.

milos beach

Mandrakia: Small hamlet with tiny houses and boat shelters for fishing boats.
milos mandrakia beach

Sarakiniko: White, rocky beach shaped like a moon. This beach is the most peculiar, at the same time the most beautiful beach of Milos . This is also probably the most photographed beach of the Aegean because of its peculiar landscape; it is very unique because of the elongated, horizontal rocks jutting over the sea, eroded by salt water forming small and huge hollows. The whole landscape gives a sensation of the lunar landscape.

milos sarakiniko beach milos sarakiniko beach milos sarakiniko beach

Ag. Konstantinos: Rocky beach with boat shelters.

Papafragas: Lies between rocky walls, a sandy beach.
milos papafragas beach milos beaches

Pollonia: Tree-lined, sandy beach.

South :

Paliochori: A very interesting beach with hot spots from thermal water. This astonishing beach is located 10 kilometers south of Adamas. It is very tempting to swim because of the crystal-clear waters. Facilities are available for various water sports along with cafes, fish taverns and rooms for rent.
milos Paliochori beach milos beaches

Haghia Kiriakì: Sandy and shelly long beach .

Tsigrado: Snowy slope of sand entering a blue sea made of perlite.
milos tsigrado beach milos tsigrado beach

Firiplaka: Colored rocks and sandy beach.
milos firiplaka beach

Provatas: Reddish sandy beach.

Gerontas: Beach with Black sand, arches and grottos.

Beaches within the gulf :


Hivadolimni: Known to be the most beautiful beach on Milos - white sand, crystal-clear water full of shell-fish.



Agia Marina: Deserted beach with crystal-clear water, 13.5 kms south of Plaka, near the Provatas settlement. Also known as the Provatas beach.

Empourios: A drive of about 30 minutes form Adamantas, Empourios is not an organizedd beach and has one traditional taverna without a bar. Empourios offers a great view and a lonely beach.

North-West :


West :

Triades and Agios Joannis

East :

Paliorema and Kastana

Others :

Alyki beach : Long and sandy beach 8.5 km south of Plaka.

Apollonia beach : Wonderful long and sandy beach with crystal-clear water, 14 km east of Plaka.

Mandrakia beach : Sandy beach 5 km east of Plaka.

And the list is endless.

Check them all out together

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