Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

Summer VacationOne of the most desired vacation destinations of Europe is no doubt Greece especially for summer vacation. Summer (June, July and August) is the high tourist season in Greece. During summer even the not so popular islands are very crowded, however there are also islands that you can visit and avoid the crowds. So go ahead pack your swimsuits your sun lotion and let's head to the Greek beaches.

How is weather in Greece during summer

Most times its sunny or even hot. During the seasonal period of summer in Greece, the average temperature is about 25°C inJune, 28°C in July and 31°C in August, not to mention that sometimes heat waves are also a part of the summer season. On the islands and on the coast it is not so hot, cause of the breezes. So one can enjoy bath, camping or even hiking.

What to visit in Greece

Greece is an alluring resort all through the year, due to the morphology of the landscape and the sheer natural beauty of its figure. However, during the summer season, Greece is considered to be even more appealing. Visiting any of the islands sounds a great idea during summer in Greece. Athens (capital of Greece) is on the mainland and maybe it is better idea to visit it in spring, autumn or winter. Some of the islands are very crowded during summer and that could be a bit overwhelming. Some of the famous, beautiful and outstanding cosmopolitan islands of Greece are Santorini, Corfu, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos. However if you love lonely beaches there are also secret islands not so crowded. Such are Leros, Kalimnos or Tilos, all Dodecanese islands. Finally there are plenty of not so crowded islands like Andros, Milos

Greece - a vacation industry

Greeks developed a real vacation industry. Some of the offers include packages for tourists interested in archeology, windsurfing, boat rides, Greek landscapes, wild flowers, painting or even testing Greek wines.

Accommodation in Greece

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