Naxos Mikri Vigla Beach

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Naxos Mikri Vigla Beach is located 12 from Naxos port. Is it one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and the Aegean. Mikri Vigla, as indicated by its name, was the western watchtower on the island for the risk turnout pirates on the island. Actually it consists of two sandy beaches, which are […]

Naxos Agia Anna Beach

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Naxos Agia Anna Beach is located 7 km south of Chora of Naxos. It is one of the most popular beaches of Naxos and one of the most beautiful and resorts on the island. The golden sand and crystal clear water are a magnet for visitors, without affecting the charm of the landscape, which fosters […]


Best Beaches In Naxos

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Agios Prokopios Beach Naxos

Welcome to our 2018 guide about the best beaches in Naxos. The following are by our oppinion the best Naxos island beaches (best sandy beaches in Naxos and not only). 1. Agios Prokopios beach AGIOS PROKOPIOS BEACH Agios Prokopios beach is located at the western part of Naxos, just 5 km south of Chora. It is […]

Agios Prokopios Beach

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Agios Prokopios beach Naxos is located at the western part of Naxos, just 5 km south of Chora. It is the most famous beach on the island. It has been honored as one of the best beaches of Europe. This 1.2 km long sandy beach is stretching from East to West. The southern exposure of […]