Antiparos accommodation

Antiparos accommodation

Antiparos accommodationAntiparos (Modern Greek: Αντίπαρος; Ancient Greek: Ὠλίαρος Oliaros) is a small island in the southern Aegean, at the heart of the Cyclades, which is less than one nautical mile (1.9 km) from Paros, the port to which it is connected with a local ferry. Saliagos island is the most ancient settlement in the Cyclades, and Despotiko, an uninhabited island in the southwest of Antiparos, is a place of great archaeological importance. Antiparos. An island. A place full of life, history, dreamy beaches and gorgeous colours. An unmatched experience. An original, contemporary concept of hospitality. Antiparos accommodation - an exceptional accommodation.

Antiparos is a  Cycladic island in the Aegean Sea opposite the larger island of Paros, it used to be a quiet place for nudists, with just over 1,000 residents and tonnes of bougainvillea flowers. But over the past few years its main town has been filled with excellent restaurants and even cooler bars – note, NO CLUBS. (No one ‘pops bottles’ in Antiparos. They open them.)

The beaches are nice, but not the most beautiful in the Aegean – likewise the island is pretty, but not stunning. Instead, Antiparos is a place you visit to find beauty in human variety. As a refuge for low-key cosmopolites it has a cultivated but quaint charm. Oh, and Tom Hanks has a house on the island too.

The natural beauty of the island along with its beautiful beaches, picturesque streets, whitewashed houses and traditional character will make you visit Antiparos again and again!

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