Last Minute Santorini

Last Minute Santorini

Last Minute SantoriniEven during a Last Minute Santorini (one of the Greek Cyclades) vacation, you can discover the special colors of the island. The white with blue houses for example, including golden glow during sunset. And the black lava beach of Kamari on the clear blue Aegean Sea. Those who quickly book a sun holiday will drink a glass of red Megalochori wine on the high cliffs of Firostefani in no time.

Do you want to explore a whole new environment in the short term? That is possible during a Last Minute Santorini vacation. For example, a beach holiday on this southernmost island of the Cyclades is not what you're used to. The volcanic sand is black here. And the typical Greek houses on the island? White painted of course, with blue accents.

The island capital Fira is built on a 260 meter high cliff and the view from here is also breathtaking. At sunset watch breathlessly how the last rays of sunshine give the white and blue houses a golden glow.

Or walk in about 10 minutes to the highest point of the Greek island: Firostefani. Here is the whiter than white Agios Gerasimos church, with bright blue dome.

For a relatively small island, Santorini is the perfect location for you to independently travel the small coastal villages and immerse yourself in the native culture. However, what makes this exploration different is the means of travel, which is most commonly done by bicycle or donkey. The volcanic soil makes for the perfect conditions in which to grow unique grapes which go on to become vinsanto. If the island can’t fulfil your desire to explore, guests often choose to visit “The Smoky Islands”, where you can see steam vents and get a better understanding of how the island came to be the way it is today.

Santorini never leaves you lacking for fun in the sun. You can jet-ski by day and party by night at Perivolos, or make a different sort of splash at the waterpark and beach surrounding Perissa. You'll find that Kamari offers a similarly sunny way to spend your time by the sea, together with fantastic shopping for handicrafts and international designs alike.

The beauty of Santorini lies in its lifestyle, where each day is taken with a slow stroll and a broad smile. It's why it's such a superb last minute holiday destination, because you can rock up and kick back without having to plan in advance. In fact, whatever time of the year you visit, a tour of Santorini's wine industry is definitely recommended. The island grows grapes with a distinctive flavour, so make sure you get involved in taste tests. Nature trails also wind through the island's interior, and whether you opt for a guided tour or to forge your own path, seeing the sights with your camera at the ready is an absolute must.

Booking In August

As August is the busiest month on the island, you’d better organize your Santorini last minute holidays in other months. Over the last years, tourism in Santorini starts from March due to the early cruisers and ends in November, while for the rest of Greece the normal tourist season is from mid April to mid October. The most popular month in Santorini is August, when most Greeks also get their work leaves and head to the islands.

Last minute deals to Santorini

Santorini hotels are filling the whole island, especially in the beach resorts. Most of the hotel are built according to the traditional architecture of the island which is protected by the locals. Check out last minute deals to Santorini Hotels, Santorini


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