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Mykonos GuideTravel guide to Mykonos, Greece

Welcome to our Mykonos Guide. See: videos, photos, best beaches, sightseeing. Organize your holidays in Mykonos: hotels, ferries, car rentals, tours. Best places to stay, eat, drink as well as the top attractions to visit, flights and all of the key information that you need to know before you go. Let's get going!

Money / currency on Mykonos

Currency of Mykonos is Euro. If you want to withdraw money, go to one of the banks, which are located mainly in Chora and to the fabrika - square . However in most cases you will face after 14: 00 closed doors. Some banks remain also in the afternoon open only during high season. ATMs are available, however, around the clock provided what very meets a sudden need of money. Alternatively, the non-cash payment is possible. Both in the hotels (book Mykonos by last minute, there's the largest discounts in the hotels) as well as in the restaurants and at the rental car companies credit cards are like to have seen.

Mykonos Guide / Mykonos Beaches

Paradise beach is the most popular beach on the island. People come out at lunchtime to slowly come to life after the previous nights trials. Coarse sand and beautiful turquoise waters invites you to long lazy days on the beach. The beach has plenty of water sports, restaurants and beach bars with loud music pumping to keep your adrenaline flowing.

See our Mykonos beaches guide for complete list.

The post

A normal card to be delivered to Germany for example, must be stamped with 0.65 euros. The journey time should be noted however. The postcard will arrive at the earliest after a week, which makes it inevitable to start writing tickets as early as possible.

The clothes

On Mykonos , a comfortable clothing style is preferred. Nevertheless, should be worn swimwear and bikinis on the beach. If you would like to move to the city and you are looking for maybe also a tavern, at least a more sporty clothing style should be selected.
If you plan to visit churches and monasteries then keep in mind that the shoulders and knees should be covered with clothes.

Car rental in Mykonos

Even if a mobility on Mykonos very tempting, renting a car should be well-planned because amounted to prices at least 350 euros per week. Who would have it a little cheaper, can borrow even a moped . A weekly charge between 50 and 75 euros should be expected.

Mykonos Guide / Mykonos nightlife

Mykonos nightlife action takes place in the beach clubs, scattered around the island on the most popular beaches. In Mykonos town, the nightlife is concentrated in the area known as Little Venice, this is where you'll find everything you have ever dreamed of.

Down at the harbour you will also find plenty of taverns and pubs that will keep you awake until sunrise. During the high season famous DJ's visit the island and the clubs are competing on who can put up the greatest show and pull the best crowd.

Mykonos accommodation

If you want to see the best Mykonos hotels, apartments and get the prices rom the best accommodation sites at once compared visit: Hotels in Mykonos, Greece

Medical supply

It is the nightmare of all tourists to fall ill during the holiday season. Precisely for this reason prior to departure, you should take the necessary measures to be prepared in case of emergency. First of all, you will contact the insurance company and arrange there a so-called foreign trip - insurance . Should you really get sick during the Mykonos - stay , one moves to the IKA (the Greek insurance company) and requesting cash doctors who come for the treatment in question. Should be a real medical emergency, you can save yourself this procedure however. Treatments in emergency situations are indeed free for foreigners.
However, an emergency does not exist if it has been to only a flu or something similar. So just in case also an health insurance should be completed, which takes over the return to the home country in such cases.

Emergency call

Even if you should not summon the devil, you must be prepared to any emergency situations. Therefore following number should be stored up strongly in the mobile: 22890/22716. Below is the police at any time to achieve. Also you can also choose 100 or 112 in an emergency.

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