Where is Greece

Where is Greece

Where is Greece

Wondering where is Greece? Greece is a nation in Europe and it is considered to be part of "Western" Europe, though, going strictly by the map, it would normally be assigned to southern or southeastern Europe and be part of the Balkan nations.

Officially known as The Hellenic Republic, is the southernmost country on the European mainland. With an area of 131.940 square kilometres, Greece is about the same size as England or New York state. Over 3,000 Greek islands are scattered arount the eastern Mediterranean, with roughly 200 of them inhabited.


To the north, Greece is bordered by Albania, FYROM/Macedonia, and Bulgaria. In the Northeast, Greece shares a border with Turkey. Turkey also is just across the water for many Greek islands; in many cases, these islands are closer to Turkey than to Greece.

To the south of the big Greek island of Crete, separated by a long stretch of the Libyan Sea, lies Libya and Egypt, both a couple of days away by ship.

These distances from Greece are from Athens unless otherwise noted. Different locations in Greece will naturally give different results. This World Distance Calculator includes some additional Greek locations. The island nation of Cyprus is not a part of Greece, though much of it is culturally Greek. Its position in the far east of the Mediterranean puts it a bit closer to some Middle Eastern hotspots.

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