Greek Island Naxos

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Greek Island Naxos

Greek Island NaxosHow can you be sure that the island you chose for your summer vacation reserves exciting experiences, unforgettable moments that will be impressed in heart and mind and will make you want to come back again and again? The answer is one: if you win from the moment the boat enters the port. And Greek Island Naxos does this without any doubt. Read the Naxos travel guide ...

The first image that the traveler faces when arriving by boat in Naxos is the impressive Portara on the island "Palatia", at the northern end of the harbor.

Portara, which is so named because of its huge size, is the marble gate of a temple dating back to the 6th century BC, built in honor of god Apollo. It joins the land with a paved path and if you are there in the sunset you will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Greece. This is demonstrated by all the photos accompanying the travel guides for the largest island of the Cyclades, which yearns for life.

Naxos Portara

In Naxos, its centuries-old history blends in with myths and reality, and a host of archaeological discoveries of all time periods shed light on the historical reality behind every myth.

Mythology holds a very important place in the history of the island. It is said that Zeus grew up in Naxos, so the highest mountain of the island is called Zeus (or the local Zas) and stands majestically at 999 meters. At Naxos, Theseus also left Ariadne, whom Dionysus later married. The island of Palatia is connected with the worship of Ariadne and Dionysus and is considered the place where the first "Dionysia" was celebrated.

Greek Island Naxos Beaches - Naxos Travel Guide

But it's not just the story that Naxos brings to visitors. It is also Naxos beaches that give multiple choices to the thirsty, seaside, tourists covering all tastes. Whether you like organized beaches, or just want to calm down, in Naxos you will definitely enjoy your swimming in crystal clear waters.

The beach of Agios Prokopios , the most famous of the island, is among the 10 best in Europe. It is large, in a windy location and has white sand, while its crystal clear waters are in alternating color from deep blue to turquoise. Each year, many tourists attract visitors, as well as beautiful taverns, restaurants and cafes.

Naxos Travel Guide

One of the most famous and cosmopolitan beaches is the beach of Agia Anna , which is a natural continuation of the beach of Agios Prokopios. Agia Anna has a golden sandy beach with a cedar forest that gives natural shade to its guests. The beach is ideal for water sports, while beach bars will combine cocktails!

Naxos Agia Anna Beach

Next to Agia Anna and Agios Prokopios you will find Plaka , a long sandy beach, which also attracts the lovers of water sports.

Naxos Plaka Beach

Just three minutes from the city of Naxos, moving south, we find the beach of Agios Georgios , with shallow water and protected from the winds, which is ideal for young children and water sports.

naxos agios georgios

Mikri Vigla meets surfers, while the coastal taverns will offer you homemade delicacies after your dives. Behind the rocks are formed small, private beaches that make Mikri Vigla number one destination for couples.

Naxos Mikri Vigla Beach

You can also visit Kastraki with white sand and cedar, which is ideal for relaxation. Alikos is a small, sheltered and exotic beach in the southwest of the island. Moutsouna is associated with the history of the emery, the rock that is found only in Naxos . Take a dip in the very beautiful Agiasos , the isolated Glyfada , the pebbled Abraham cove, the windy Panormo .

Stroll through the magical Greek Island Naxos villages

You can not leave Naxos unless you have a walk in its beautiful villages. The Naxos villages list includes so many villages to visit.

Before you start exploring, you have to visit scenic Chora , since here and in the village of Ai-Giorgi you will find the whole tourist activity. Take a stroll along the cobbled streets around the Venetian Castle, go to the Old Market and surely you will be taken to another era. But there is also the modern side, where it vibrates with life with the dozens of bars and taverns.

Naxos Villages

In Apiranthos (Apeiranthos), the most famous mountain village of Naxos, 32 km from the country, the scenery is made up of the Cycladic marble cobbled streets with Venetian towers, the beautiful old two-storey houses, the interesting museums and the small squares with the traditional ones. The village, which the Axiotes call "the Aperathos", maintains its local color and its peculiar architectural character unchanged since the Venetian era.

Naxos Apiranthos Village

Halki (or Chalki), the old commercial capital of the island, is a gem of the Naxian hinterland. In the heart of an olive-filled plain, 15 km east of Chora, the well-preserved village hides in the cobbled streets magnificent neoclassical mansions with paved courtyards, majestic towers, Byzantine churches full of frescoes and a very interesting market.

Start your walk starting with the church Our Lady Protothroni, which has been operating since 1052 and is considered to be one of the most important of the island. Behind the church, the imposing three-storey Baroque-Gracia Tower, built in the early 17th century by the Barotsi family, will be your gaze.

Halki Naxos

Kynidar is located in a region full of plane trees, olives and oak trees. The church of the village is dedicated to Saint George and the inhabitants are famous for their love and skills in dancing and singing. And that's what the visitor finds out if you come to one of the village festivals.

A small port and the impressive statue of Kouros will bring you to Apollo , a small fishing village located on the northeastern coast of Naxos, 36 km from Chora. Sightseeing of the area is also the ruins of the prehistoric castle on the top of Kalogeros, the mountain rising above the bay. Apollonas has great tourist development with hotels, rooms to let, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Apollo port Naxos

Koronos is one of the oldest and largest mountain settlements. It is one of the most famous emery villages of the island, as it was pre-war with a great development thanks to the extraction of the emery. Today it is one of the most popular destinations in Naxos, offering many options for accommodation and food. In the heart of the village is Platsa, the central square, with cafes and taverns offering dew and good food under their arbors.

The list of the villages of Naxos is great. If you stay several days on the island you can also visit, among others, Filoti, Sagri, Engares, Galanado.

The "goodies" of Greek Island Naxos

naxos taverna

Relaxation and holidays are indissolubly linked to good food. And Naxos can indisputably boast of its delicious food. The local products that are internationally recognized are the Naxos potatoes, whose history begins in the early 19th century, the Graviera Naxos and the citrus liqueur.

From the local meats are the pork rosette, the pork pork with beans (the amaranth grass), the roasted roe (the wine), the lemon rabbit, the goat with potatoes or spaghetti, the boiled zoula (goat ), the "monk" (veal with eggplant and cheeses), the red beef.

naxos graviera

There are some meat dishes accompanying religious feasts. If you find on Easter Island you will eat a patoudo (stuffed lamb with chicken and fennel, with aromatic plants of the island, garlic of Cyclades and local olive oil and garnish with Naxos potatoes). On New Year's Eve, they eat chicken soup (white bean soup, wheat, a lot of olive oil), while the Lent is the most famous of the cake, with charm, herbs and oil.

For sweet, do not forget to try the brunette, walnut pie with a small amount of citrus, served with ice cream and sheep's milk.

Most think that Greek Island Naxos is the most beautiful island of the Cyclades. And probably they are right ...

Greek Island Naxos Travel Guide - Naxos accommodation

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