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Lindos Rhodes

Lindos Rhodes | What to see in Lindos | Things to do in Lindos

What to see in LindosThere are numerous things to do in Lindos, ride a donkey, see the Lindos sights, visit the Acropolis, go shopping, visit Church of Panagia. Wondering what to see in Lindos, where to start from and what sights you should not miss? Read on ...

At the foot of an impressive rock, on the ruins of an ancient city, nestles the traditional settlement of Lindos, which is a special destination, on the island of Rhodes. White cubicle houses, surrounded by the absolute blue of the Aegean, stand proudly on the rock, giving this preserved settlement an unparalleled charm.

things to do in Lindos

The cosmopolitan summer atmosphere, the fun, the delicious local cuisine, the emerald waters of the sea, ideal for swimming and diving, reveal the secrets for moments of relaxation and relaxation.

Leave your car outside the traditional settlement and start your walk in the labyrinth of narrow streets with countless shops, traditional tavernas and cafes. At the entrance to the cobblestone streets you will see the area where Lindos' taxis, the donkeys, are kept.With this you will reach the impressive Acropolis of the city, unless you choose the 15-minute ascent on foot.

Lindos Rhodes

Wear your sports shoes, a sunshade hat and take a bottle of water before heading for the archaeological site of the city .It is open daily for guests from 8.00 to 19.40, weekends and Mondays from 8.00 to 14.40, and the ticket costs 6 euros.

Lindos Rhodes

At the top of the steep cliff, 116 meters above sea level, on a balcony on the open sea, with the Doric temple of the Virgin Mary of Lindos, Athena staying majestic, the historic monument of the Acropolis of Lindos reveals the grandeur of its culture.

Lindos Rhodes

From Homer to ancient Greece, the Hellenistic and the Roman period, the Byzantine period and the Medieval era of the Knights, the circle of history handed over one of the most important monuments of our country.The findings testify to the long-standing power of the Acropolis and the wealth of ancient Lindos, which reached the peak of its peak, especially in the 6th century BC, under the leadership of Cleopulus, who was one of the seven wise men in the ancient Hellas.

At the sacred rock of the Acropolis of Lindos you will see the Knights Temple, the Hellenistic Promenade, altars and statues bases, the Hellenistic stoa, Athena's Parthenon Linda Temple, a 13th-century St. John's temple and of course you will admire a stunning view of the sea and the settlement.

Lindos Rhodes

From the Acropolis you will admire the small enclosed harbor of Apostle Paul , with its blue waters. It is located at the back of Lindos, in a natural opening of the rocks and offers an amazing image. At one end of the bay, the small church recalls the visit of Apostle Paul to Lindos. This beautiful scenery has long enchanted many lovers and every year many couples from all over Europe choose this place to make their marriage.

The traditional town of Lindos is a unique example of folk architecture. Lindos was a crossroads of civilizations, with medieval, Byzantine and Arabic styles creating together the distinctive architecture of its houses.

Lindos Rhodes

The jewelery of architecture in Lindos is undoubtedly the Captainan mansions of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, all built by local craftsmen, who stand out for their perfect construction, harmonious proportions, simple interior decoration and functionality.

Lindos Rhodes

Carved lintels, paved courtyards, ornately painted ceilings, colorful local ceramic plates and wooden divans covered with carpets and wedding embroidery make Lindos houses unique.

Lindos Rhodes

Do not miss to visit the Byzantine Church of the Assumption of the Virgin , located in the center of the settlement. Its impressive murals are characterized by an incredible detail in the depiction.

Lindos Rhodes

Below the beautiful settlement of Lindos there are two beaches with tranquil, crystal clear watersguarded by the picturesque bay.Swim in the organized beaches, admiring the whitewashed settlement and the castle.

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